Ideas of A Floating Island in Your Kitchen


Island in Your Kitchen – Kitchen carts are a perfect solution to storage problems in the cramped kitchens of some apartments. You can think of a cart as on island on wheels which, when not in use, can easily be moved to some out-of-the-way corner of the kitchen. Large kitchens can also use a cart to carry needed items from one corner to another, or perhaps from the kitchen to the patio for outdoor dinners.

Apart from providing you with extra drawers and shelves where you can store your kitchen stuff, carts can also be used as a preparation tables, and breakfast tables for those on the go. On top of this, you can use carts as a complement to your kitchen decor.

Indeed, they give the impression of a cool and consummate chef. You can store anything you want in the cart drawers depending on your personal preferences and needs. Dishes, cutlery, small kitchen tools, canned goods and bottles of condiments, or cook books can be deposited in them. They can even be used as a wine rack allowing you to enjoy a glass whether you are in the kitchen or in the patio. Carts used as preparation tables would usually have a top of granite, marble, or butcher’s block, often made of sugar maple. These provide a solid worktop where you can chop, slice, and dice fruit, vegetables, fish, or meat. As a breakfast table, you only need a couple of stools to go with it. And since it can be moved around, you can take a quick breakfast right in the kitchen, or a leisurely one while enjoying the morning sun. Kitchen carts can be made of wood, stainless steel, glass, or a combination thereof. The tops vary with their intended use.

If they are not to be used as a preparation surface, they can be of stainless steel sheet or Formica or veneer-covered plywood. These are plenty of designs you can choose from once you decide to purchase this useful furniture. Some come with clean, crisp lines while others feature intricate hand-carved decor. Some are adorned with elaborate paintings while others are finished with plain glossy paint or varnish.

Be sure the cart you are buying is strong enough to support your intended use especially if you plan on chopping food on it. The wheels need to be sturdy and must be able to hold the weight of the items stored in the cart. See to it that they do not wobble as the cart is pushed along.

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