Baby Room Wall Stickers


Baby Room  – I love decorating baby rooms with wall stickers, they are neat, come in all different shapes and sizes and can easily be removed without damaging the wall. Wall stickers could be more then just a decoration, it could be a central focus point in the room, whether it is for a boy, girl or a gender neutral baby room, it could really set the theme. We will give you some great examples, please click on the image for more more information about the wall stickers used.


This baby room wall sticker is very funky, and most people either love it or hate it. This wall sticker looks great on the grey background, you could even paint the wall pale blue or pink to give the room a warmer feel. With a wall sticker with as many colors as this one you want to keep the rest of the room very calm, as you can see on the photo they used a plain white cot and a simple but functional white standing lamp next to it.

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is a great example how a wall sticker can set the theme for the room. Pick one or two colors from the wall sticker and use them as accent colors through the room to make it all blend in without making the room too overwhelming.


This wall sticker is great for a unisex bedroom, the trees are very calming and look great on a white wall. I love the little bird house they put on the wall as a decoration. If you have a room with not much light coming in then a very light or white color on the wall will make the room look brighter and bigger and these trees on the wall will be just enough to give the room a calming feel without it being too bright or too in your face.

The tree wall sticker goes great with wooden furniture, you could really have a lot of fun with this room and add decorations like a furry rug, and use the colors green and orange in lamp shades or window dressings.

 Boy Bear

What could say boy more then the color blue and teddy bears? This is a fantastic combination with the subtle teddy bear wall stickers on the blue wall. Having the wall stickers the same color as the wall keeps the room very calm and these wall stickers can be ordered in many different colors to suit any room, girl, boy or gender neutral.

It is easy to let the blue come back in bedding and decorations but you could very easy add sandy or brown colors to this room to break it up.

Wall Pops

 These wall stickers are called wall pops, they are single stickers, circles and jungle animals that can be put up in different combinations to suit any room. Here they used blue, green and yellow but you could pick any color combination. This is a great backdrop for the crib and suit a gender neutral room and you are sure to find fitting bedding and decorations in these popular baby colors.


Wall quotes always been a favourite for baby rooms, you can find the cutest quotes and they will draw the attention as it will be the first thing people see when they walk into the room. Quotes are great for a calm and neutral room like the one above. You can find quotes in all different shapes and sizes and often can choose your preferred color to match your room. Wall quotes will never go out of fashion and look great in any baby room.

Hopefully you got some inspiration from the examples we gave you, baby room wall stickers are a great way to decorate a nursery, and remember if you want more information about the wall stickers shown, click on the images.

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