Bamboo Flooring The Latest Choice of Homeowners


Bamboo Flooring The Latest Choice – Bamboo flooring can compliment any stylish home, This is a new alternative to the conventional methods of flooring like laminate flooring and hardwood flooring. Many of the home owners question the durability of bamboo flooring as this flooring material is prepared from grass. Bamboo flooring is also an eco friendly choice. Bamboo as a flooring material can be very durable and can last for years. This natural flooring material is also resistant to moisture and it can also prevent stains. Due to this nature of the bamboo flooring material, it can be also used in kitchens.

Compared to other flooring materials dents and scratches are hardly seen on bamboo floors. Since it can be easily maintained it has become popular to the new home owners. Neither much effort nor time is required to keep the bamboo floors clean. Simple vacuuming, dry moping and scrubbing are enough to keep the bamboo floors free from dirt and grime. But while cleaning the bamboo floors it is better not to use any harsh cleaning agents or rough cleaning pads.

Restoring the lost luster of the bamboo floors is also not tough. Dry pads and electric buffer are used to restore the shine. Bamboo flooring has also become a hit due to its uniqueness. Many people prefer the distinct look of the bamboo floor as an alternative to hardwood floor. This material is also flexible and easy to install. At times bamboo is considered to be even tougher than many of the hardwoods. The bamboo flooring material is also sold as planks just as the hardwood. While installing the bamboo planks, the home owner can choose the different width or length of the planks as per his requirements or the measurement of the rooms.Bamboo is considered as renewable source. Compared to the hardwood it is easily available on demand. A tree producing hardwood may take some decades to grow into a full grown tree before it can be fell. Bamboo is actually a grass and it grows very fast once it is cut down. Within a span of about five years, a bamboo grass can grow to its full maturity.

Due to this environmentally friendly feature this flooring material is widely used. Using bamboo flooring planks has become almost a hot trend. The flooring planks are generally sold in two different varieties. Both the natural light shade and the darker shade are equally stylish. You can choose either of the two shades to complement with the furniture and decor of your house. The darker shade or the carbonized color is given to the bamboo planks by boiling it for some more time after it has got its natural or blond color.

But the durability of a bamboo plank reduces if it is boiled for a long time. Initially the cost of bamboo flooring was more expensive when compared to the price of hardwood flooring planks. But with its growing popularity the prices have reduced. As installing bamboo floors in houses have become very popular it has also become easier to find bamboo floor installers.

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