Cheap Divider Room Ideas For Your Teen Bedroom


Best Divider Room – My 13 year old sister and I share a room. Do you have any cheap divider room ideas that will give us our own teen bedroom space?. When it comes to divider room ideas for a teen bedroom you’ve come to the right place. You can easily create a cheap divider room by purchasing an inexpensive divider room screen or a folding room divider but there are also other creative things you can do to divide up your teen bedroom space.

Let me explain. Often a few visual tricks and the incorporation of some cheap divider room techniques are all you need to give each of you your own space within your teen bedroom. With a little imagination and know how you can create a cheap divider room in no time. But first things first. Sit down with your sister and discuss some ideas. The last thing you want to do is surprise her with a new room divider. Involving her in the planning process is the best approach considering you’ll both be affected by any changes.

And giving her a say in how to divide the room using an inexpensive divider room screen, a folding room divider or coming up with another creative idea will ensure that you’ll both be happy with the end result. You may want to begin by making a list of both your needs along with a list of the areas that will be shared e.g. TV and computer space. One of the best divider room ideas for teen bedrooms is to position your beds head to head so you’re looking away instead of toward each other. At night you can talk if you want or just ignore each other and enjoy the fact you have some teen bedroom space of your own to look at.

Creative lighting is also a way of establishing individual space within your teen bedroom. When reading or studying, task lighting can be confined to each other’s personal space without any spillover. This is an excellent divider room idea if you and your sister go to bed at different times or if one of you likes to read in bed. Shared teen bedrooms can also be painted in more than one color. A cheap divider room decorating idea would be to identify your personal space with a different color. The key here would be to then co-ordinate your teen bedroom with a common print or a third color that would tie everything together.

Now if both of you share the same favorite color you could do the reverse. Paint your teen bedroom one color and highlight your personal space using different but complimentary wallpaper prints. You could also take this divider room idea one step further and incorporate reversible bedding. Many bedding sets come in reverse colorations (a different pattern or color on each side).

Other cheap divider room ideas include:

  • Simple curtains on a long tension rod installed across the width of the room.
  • Stackable storage cubes not only divide personal space but also serve as individual organizers.
  • A divider room screen with hinged panels can make your separate space optional. With a folding room divider you can easily fold it up and store it away when you want to share your teen bedroom space.

So as you can see, there are many cheap divider room options that go beyond a simple divider room screen or a folding room divider. If you use your imagination and put your heads together, I’m confident you and your sister will come up with a divider room idea that will give both of you the personal space you desire within the same teen bedroom.

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