Black and Purple Living Room Combination Ideas


Black and Purple Living Room – One of the biggest secrets in living room decorating is about the color selection, so black and purple living room can be one of your great ideas for your home. Why? If you want peace and harmony room, then for your living room you can go with purple and black colors. You could be dealing with the psychology of color and see how these two colors affect your moods and emotions.

Studies prove that each color has its own meaning and bring different reactions. Like the green color which is considered soothing and gives a relaxed atmosphere when used for decorating the room. Or the blue color that gives a peace feeling in cold environment. Then, as well as with black and purple.

Black is a symbol of power and strong emotion, this is also symbolic of death and crime in some cultures. While Purple is usually associated with wealth and royalty, purple also communicate the romance and passion, light and mystery. Choosing a color is the first thing you should do when decorating your living room. Purple and black colors can look good together and this could be the right decision. For the living room with a combination of purple and black, this is a very popular mixed but quiet and beautiful. They are perfect for the living room.

The living room is a room where you receive your guests visit and sometimes is also used to gather all members of your family. You need a relax space and it will be easier to pick a black and purple. Purple from a small accessory or drapes can create an elegant nuance. You can play with black and purple shades such as wall paint and create contrast with shades of purple walls.

But the wall is not the only way you introduce purple and black to the living room. You can use the other decorative elements such as pillows, lamps, curtains, carpets, etc. Only when you select black and purple living room you do not need to exclude other colors.

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