Black and White Teen Bedroom Ideas


Black and White Bedroom Ideas – Black and white is a theme that will never go out of fashion and is suitable for any teenage boy or girls bedroom. You can create a modern and glamorous look with a black and white theme, but still keep a  youthful flair by adding a little splash of color. Of course don’t stop there, think patterns and fabrics as well to add texture and an extra dimension to a black and white themed room.

There are lots of black and white teen bedroom ideas out there, so we’ve put together a list of the most important decor elements and some great examples. You will find there is a large variety of bedspreads available with a black and white theme, if you do like to add some color you could scatter some colorful smaller pillows on the bed.

Wall mirrors work well in a black and white themed bedroom, boys might prefer a larger straight edged mirror from ceiling to the floor, while for the girls a mirror with a colorful or wooden frame might be more appealing. To give the room some extra texture wall murals are great and will suit a black and white themed room very well. Choose one wall that you would like to make the feature wall and paint your wall mural or place a wall sticker on the wall. Wall paper will give a similar effect to a wall mural. Choose one wall you would like to make the feature wall and choose a wall paper with a funky design or pattern, of course this doesn’t have to be in black and white, a splash of color on the feature wall will look great. You don’t necessarily have to paint the wall in the room black or white.

The color black can really darken a room, and the color white can feel really cold. Instead try beige or a warmer shade of white or black and white stripes for a nautical or bohemian look. Choose furniture that is practical for a teenager, a desk is necessary and if you only got a small room you  might want to invest in a loft bed with the bed on top and a desk underneath.

Of course there needs to be some space to hang out and meet with friends, beanbags are a great way to add seating and they can easily stored in the corner of the room without taking up too much space. And of course storage is important in a room, besides a large wardrobe your could invest into shelves, funky baskets or lockers to create more storage in a room.

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