Coastal Bathroom Decor


Coastal Bathroom Decor – Selecting your accessories, furniture and colors with care are an important element of home decorating if you want to have the light and breezy ambiance of the Coastal decorating theme in your bathroom.  Here are some design ideas on how you can provide the allure of the shore in your bathroom.

Use light colors like beiges and whites colors for the tones in your seashore décor bathroom.  You can get paint cards at the local hardware store with the different color tones you want for the room.  These will come in handy when trying to match fabrics and accessories in the store.

Coastal Bathroom Decor

In the bathroom, you can add appeal with artwork and toiletry holders combined with hamper, towel racks and accents.  Go for a beach themed style with wicker or painted wood furniture.  Careful selection of furniture and accessories will add to your seashore décor decorating style.

Your redesigning or remodeling project should zone in on large starfish and bowls of shells to add appeal, but don’t forget to change your walls, window treatments and flooring.  Window treatments for the Coastal decorating theme should be light, breezy.  You could think about decorating your windows with sheers or plantation shutters.  Now that your windows look perfect, You’ll find that your walls need sprucing up.  To get your walls looking great think about adding beach and ocean scene prints in light frames.

Lighting is an additional essential element in any decorating theme.  bathrooms are better off with recessed lighting for lighting.  Buy lighting that is hollow glass filled with shells or beach themed to reflect the Coastal decorating theme decorative style.

Flooring is another core ingredient to any design theme and adding bath mats to your
Coastal decorating theme bathroom can add charm to the interior design.  The ideal style of flooring for the light and breezy look is sisal mats, short pile rugs or stenciled floormats which should be tans and blues.

For some decorative touches that will help  show off your seashore décor think about seashells in bowls and clear vases or lobster trap markers and fish net in strategic places combined with carved wooden birds, flowers in vases, and ferns to tie together your decorating approach.  To soften up the look, think about adding pillows which are in blues and whites and also various greenery and plants.

Putting together a Coastal decorating theme bathroom can be a snap if you take care to properly plan what you want in the room and where to put it.  Be sure you focus on your plan and purchase coordinating items and your room will have the feel of the shore in no time!

Coastal Bathroom Decor

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