Exposed Ceiling Design for Natural Elegant Wooden Homes

Exposed Ceiling Design – Contemporary style of house living can be created by applying natural building material such that had been applied to design elegant wooden homeswith the exposed ceiling design that had been created by Home DSGN. In this project, wooden materials had been applied perfectly to design and decorate house construction so it will look more natural in its appearance.

This house concept had been applied perfectly in a project of modern and natural house living concept of Chosun Residence by Kevin Vallely which wooden material had dominated house construction.

Wooden material is applied perfectly to design and decorate ceiling in this house project that had been made in an exposed ceiling style. The exposed ceiling design will look more exotica and artistic to be designed by using natural wooden material with natural and exotic feature. Wooden construction that had been used to design ceiling is made artistically so it will create a special concept such concept of elegant wooden homes Bangalore that looks so beautiful natural and exotic. Design of aluminum construction is also applied perfectly in this project. Aluminum construction that had been combined with wooden construction that had been made in a modern style actually will create a contemporary concept of house building in this project.

In addition design of canopy in front of a house is made in a transparent style by using wooden material construction so it will look more artistic in its appearance. Exterior theme in this project looks so contemporary because there is a perfect combination between gray and brown color design that had been created from wooden material construction.

Gray color design is created by applying aluminum and natural stone material construction that look so beautiful to be applied together to design house exterior. Actually it is such a concept of house exterior of eco wooden houses Bangalore with the exposed ceiling design that can create a contemporary building style.

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