Faux Candle Chandelier Concept for Any Space


Candle Chandelier – The faux candle chandelier that we know today has existed for such a long time since the medieval age. The idea is the same as the light bulb or other lighting fixtures that to illuminate the space whether outdoor or indoor type. Unlike other fixtures, this fixture has its uniqueness that we will not find in chandelier type. Despite that that concept is the same that is a lighting fixture on the ceiling – both of the fixtures has differences.

The major differences are that it has the different mechanism where the chandelier uses electric power, but this one use only the candle. It sounds like we live in the kingdom era. Back in the days when the medieval age occurs – this fixture has limited shape and size.

However, along with age – there are plenty options that we can choose including the famous round shape. This fixture will occupy or ceiling elegantly and perfectly. However, we might still want to setup some electric based lighting fixtures so that we have some backup just in case unnecessary thing happen. When it comes to the finishes and style – most of them come with a contemporary with rustic appeal and most of them uses the black solid iron colors. On the other hand, we can also choose the colors that have some uniqueness such as chrome. If we want to bring in the kingdom nuance into the whole space – whether outdoor or indoor that we can use the bronze type.

The bronze has always been coming back to the aristocratic and conservative appeal so if we like that – we should put that in, as part of the best decorating insight. The boredom that we often see from chandelier fixture is that this type has to be in crystal material, and it is too fancy and too excessively used by many homeowners than the faux candle chandelier.

If we want to give some Halloween concept and nuance, then we can spice up on the D-Day where some people make the candle in red colors and bronze type. As we can see that there are plenty advantages that this fixture have.

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