Floor Vase Ceramic for Extraordinary Home Interior Decoration

Floor Vase Ceramic – There are various ways in decorating interior design of house and the simplest one is by using floor vase ceramic. Different from common vases that is put on the table; this future is usually put in on the floor as the name of this furniture and combined with trees, stick of wood or branches.

If you want to decorate your house using this kind of decoration you can start by placing transparent glass with the shape similar to glass found on the table on the corner of the room or near television. You can combine this vase with branches in chocolate color similar to color theme of the house, white and chocolate.

Plant planter is the next decoration that used vases as accessories to decorate interior design. It also can give natural view inside the house. You can make it from steel material having silver color put near standard lamp in the corner of sofa. You also can make floor vase ceramicin creamy color with little branches put in the vase. It is suitable to create calm decoration in the bedroom. Two vases in black color also can give symmetry interior design in the dining table combined with artistic wall decoration of nature on the outside hanging on the wall.

It will give modern look in the room applying white color theme. Sparkling vases design also can be made by applying pieces of tiles on the vase. It can be put in the front of the door as plant planter. This accessory is also suitable used to decorate the decoration of bathroom in the house. To give more interesting decoration, you can add little stone in white color combined with green cactus.

You also can made a vases filled with water as place for the tree life and put it in the living room. You also can made floor vase ceramicmade from transparent glasses as place to put bamboo or stick of wood to decorate living room.

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