High Peak Ceilings in Modern Scandinavian Loft with Stylish Design

High Peak Ceilings – There is a stylish loft that using the concept of Scandinavian loft with high peak ceilings in the Odenplan Square in Stockholm, Sweden. The building is a spacious building, so the loft of this building also a spacious loft. The designers are using this spacious space to make stylish and modern designs for the loft. But they didn’t use the regular concept of the modern and stylish designs, they using Scandinavian design.

From that picture, we can see the different between regular loft and this loft. This loft has stylish design in white color and it has high peak ceilings than the other lofts. We can also see that the design for the Scandinavian loft is mainly using white color.

The designers are placing the rooms such as living room, dining room, and kitchen in one area. Without using the walls, this area will look more spacious. The living room has elegant white sofas combined with red carpet and some wood chairs. There is a modern fire place that attached in the wall and billiard board near the living room. The dining room was placed near the kitchen. Both have stylish design in white color. The kitchen appliances are in modern design. The dining room has a big circle stones table and three high chairs with flat surface shape. This house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms that have different feeling in each room.

The bedrooms are using white bed and simple decorations for the bedrooms. And the other one is using flower pattern bed and simple decorations. The two bathrooms are using different design. The first bathroom is using elegant design with white color and some stone walls. This bathroom also has a laundry room in its place.

Meanwhile, the other bathroom is using bold red and black colors as the walls colors. Even though this loft is mainly in white color, but life in this Scandinavian loft with the high peak ceilings is the best option for small family or single living house.

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