Kids Bedroom Wall Decor


Kids Bedroom Wall Decor – There are plenty of ways to decorate up the walls in a kids bedroom, like wall art or shelves. But we would like to show you some different fun and creative kids bedroom wall decor ideas to inspire you. This is a great project for a baby or toddler room. I’ts easy to create this artwork, all you need are 3 canvasses all the same size and some paint. You can choose the paint color to suit the room’s decor or theme.

Old pallets are so versatile and there are lots of fun things you can create with them. I love the use of this pallet and how they made it into shoe storage for a kids bedroom. Isn’t this a smart and fun way to add shelving on a wall in a kids room. It will look fantastic in a themed kids bedroom and you could even paint the skateboard in a color matching the room.

Wire wall planters make a cute wall display and storage options, as you can see they work really well in a nursery but can be used for lots of different purposes in kids bedrooms. You could pick up some old drawers from a second hand shop or find an old cupboard you can use the drawers out of. This is a fun idea and you could really personalise the drawers to suit the theme of the room. Spice up the drawers by adding funky knobs and colors, they will look great in a vintage girl room but if you got little ones hang them up high so little fingers can’t get to them. What child doesn’t love having their name on the wall in their room. You could easily create these string art name sign with a plank of wood, small nails and colored string. No doubt any child will love seeing this on his or her wall. Colored boxes on the wall will not only brighten up the room but double as storage for little toys or decorations.

You could use any kind of boxes that you like and fit in with the room. I like the ideas of printing a photo of your child’s favourite toy on a canvas, this will be great for a themed room or even for a teen bedroom with a black and white photo printed on canvas. Old photo frames are great to create a diy project for a girls room. You can use any size and shape frame, once you paint them in a bright color they will come up great against the light wall.

Choose black and white photo’s or print sayings or poems to put in the frames. This room was taken to the extreme with this cube wall. I love the color combination which makes the wall very interesting and off course it is a very practical wall with lots of room to store toys and books. Hopefully we inspired you with these kids bedroom wall decor ideas, and given you lots of  ideas on how to turn a wall into a fun piece of art.

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