Colorful Ideas For Painting Teen Bedrooms


Painting Teen Bedrooms – One of the best ways to create a color scheme for a teen bedroom is to toss your favorite clothes on your bed and then put them together in outfits. By doing this you’re also giving yourself some personal color ideas for painting teen bedrooms. The shades in your favorite outfits will hopefully inspire a paint color scheme.

Color ideas for painting teen bedrooms can be broken down into three main groups. The first are those which stimulate and are uplifting. The second group of colors give off a feeling of calm and relaxation. Harmony and balance wraps up the third group.

Painting Teen Bedrooms

But which colors and shades fall into each group? Knowing how color affects each of us is not an exact science however there are some important guidelines to consider when looking for a teen bedroom paint color.


Very emotional, red can give off a sense of danger or anger, or can represent love. You can’t ignore the color red. Red is a strong color – one of strength that can excite and warm you. Because it’s such a powerful color, red is often best used as an accent color or on only one wall of your teen bedroom.


Mix in a little white and red becomes softer and more romantic. When it comes to pink you either love it or hate it. Depending on the shade it can be feminine and delicate or bold and vibrant like fuchsia and hot pink.


If you’re looking for a shade that’s warm yet daring you may find it with the color orange. Orange is a powerful color known to increase your heart rate. It can also be used to express your unique and creative side. Orange can be bold and obnoxious or soft (peach) and spicy (pumpkin).


When it comes to bright colors you can’t beat the vibrancy of yellow. Not only does it stimulate the brain it also welcomes light and can warm up a room when toned down from its bold and vibrant state. Yellow can be cosy (saffron) and calm (creamy butter).

Painting teen bedrooms can be tricky so take some time to find the hue that will work best in your room. In addition to color matching your wardrobe grab some paint chips at a local paint shop and spend some time studying them.

If you’re painting your entire room one color you’ll want to find a shade that holds your interest and nurtures you instead of one that overpowers and screams for your attention.

If you’re combining two shades of the same color you’ll want to find a nice balance between the two. Decide which one will be the main color and which one will be used to accent your teen bedroom. Or do a 50/50 split.


Natural and relaxing, green can be soft (sage) or strong (evergreen). While you can find many nice green hues you’re best to avoid yellow or dark greens which you may tire of quickly.


Looking for a color that’s both soothing and contemplative? If so, blue may be your top painting teen bedrooms choice. Blue is a very versatile color – it can be meditative (sky blue), restorative (sea blue) or simply dependable (navy blue).


Long associated with royalty and all the luxury that goes with it, purple is another powerful color that speaks volumes about the person who selects it as a paint color. If you’re looking to create a sense of serenity and calmness consider a soft lilac or lavender. That said, don’t over do it – a room painted entirely in lavender without a balanced accent shade may be too much. Consider using deep purple to accent or adding a generous complement of white accessories.


The color brown is becoming quite trendy. However you’ll want to steer clear of shades that are drab and dark and focus more on ones that are spiced up with saffron or a robust red. Brown can be bold and beautiful while painting teen bedrooms beige can be downright boring.


When it comes to a popular color for painting teen bedrooms black usually is in the top three. While black can be sleek and sophisticated it can also suck the light and the personality out of your teen bedroom. In my opinion, black is and excellent accent color. Consider black furniture and decorative accents. Black and white or black and silver gray are dynamite combinations.


White is pure, peaceful and clean but like black, it also works best in small amounts. That said variations on traditional white e.g. pearl, ivory, linen can make your teen bedroom really unique. Just remember though white in any shade will be hard to keep clean. Stark white is best left for sterile environments and for trim and accessory items.


As a paint color gray can be quite versatile – consider teaming up this traditional yet conservative color with red or orange accents for a unique look. Gray as mentioned earlier can be dynamite with black but it can also be nicely warmed up with red and yellow or cooled down with green and blue. Gray doesn’t have to be drab and lifeless – have fun with it and give it your own unique spin.

One final tip for painting teen bedrooms would be to purchase a sample can of the paint color you’ve selected and paint an old piece of drywall or foam core and take it around the room to see how the color looks next to your furniture, bedding, window treatments, rug and other decor items.

So there you have it, a basic color guideline for painting teen bedrooms. Now the rest is up to you. Remember, if you end up with a paint color you aren’t so crazy about once it’s on your walls you can always paint over it and try again. It’s only paint!

Painting Teen Bedrooms

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