Polka Dot themed Kids Bedrooms

Polka Dot themed Kids Bedrooms – Everyone loves polka dots, not only because it is a kids bedroom theme that has withstand the test of time, but also because it will suit children from any age, from baby to teenagers, boys and girls. We’ve got some great examples of polka dot themed kids bedrooms for any age group, and you will be glad to know that polka dot themed decorations are very easy to find and will suit any budget.

There are 2 ways to create a polka dot themed room

  1. You could choose to decorate the walls with polka dots, which will give the room an instant theme, and coordinate the color of the polka dots with the overall color and decor in the room.
  2. Or have a neutral background and find accessories with polka dots, such as bedding, curtains, rugs, lamp etc.


Polka dots are a great way to add color to a room without making it look too cluttering. Let your child choose their favourite colors or use one of the colors in different shades for a more calming effect. If you choose to decorate the wall with polka dots, then choose a soft tone as the main color to make the polka dots stand out and to prevent too many bright colors. Try to paint your own polka dots on the wall by using plates and other round object to draw the outline of the dots on the wall. Look for sample paint pots in you local hardware or paint store as you won’t need much paint for the dots and you will find lots of different colors to use for a bargain price.

Mix it up

To give a room depth, mix up the polka dots by using larger and smaller dots. There are no set rules while using polka dots so use as many or as little dots as you like in as many colors as you like. You could even mix the polka dots with a flower or other patterns in the same colors. We love this dots and daisies self-adhesive wall stencil kit, with which you can choose your own colors and paint you own patterns on the wall.


There are so many accessories available in a polka dot print, that you won’t have any trouble finding something of your liking. Look for accessories with polka dots in you chosen color scheme, or look for round or circular object that resemble polka dots, like these colorful and inexpensive round paper lamp shades which look great in this modern nursery.

Polka dots are a timeless theme, and will suit a baby room just as well as a teenage room. For a more grown up look use a neutral color on the walls and find accessories with polka dots in matching colors. We love polka dot themed kids bedrooms, no matter what age or gender. Once you start looking for polka dot accessories you will see them everywhere and are sure to find the right color for your kids bedroom.

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