Sauna Room Design for Majestic Big Contemporary House

Sauna Room Design – There is a big contemporary house which applies the sauna room design in San Paulo, Brazil. This house was designed by MK27-Marcio Kogan in 2006. This house is such a big and majestic house, but it doesn’t have the luxury looks from the outside. Instead, this house looks like a classic and contemporary residence. From the picture we can see a spacious entrance in the ground floor of this house.

The exterior walls are using wooden walls and some pebble stones. There are many places in the big contemporary house. This house was divided into three floors. There are the ground floor, the first floor, and the second floor.

The ground floor is divided into the front area and the back area. The front area is contains main entrance, two open terrace, living room, and storage. And the back yard is contains kitchen, hall, home office, dining room, snack room, water mirror, swimming pool. There are also some places outside the house such as deck-solarium and sauna room design that placed near the garden. The living room has classic looks from its pebble stones wall, some art decorations, and the classic yet elegant furniture. The swimming pool is not like the regular swimming pool. The water in the swimming pool is green water and the pools are surrounding the house from side to side.

The dining room is using both wooden chair s and dining table. It is in the side of the house near the pool and the garden. This house is light bulbs in mostly rooms in this house. Meanwhile, the first floor is contains bathrooms, closet, and bedrooms. And the second floor is contains home theater. Those rooms are using the same classic and contemporary design just like other rooms in the first floor.

The first and second floors are using private concept so it doesn’t has many big windows, unlike the first floor. This house is surely has luxury style inthe contemporary house with the sauna room design even though in contemporary way.

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