Scandinavian Kids Bedroom Ideas


Scandinavian Kids Bedroom – Scandinavian kids bedrooms become increasingly popular, with the room centred around functionality, purity and simplicity. A Scandinavian room is not only great for kids, but also very suitable for a nursery or teen bedroom. Some of the basics of creating a Scandinavian kids bedroom are:


White walls and cool greys are definitely the basics for a Scandinavian room. The overall feel of the room is very calm and pure, but there is lots of opportunity to add color tot he room, for example in colorful textiles, accessories or lighting.


Wood is a very versatile material in a Scandinavian room, not only in wooden furniture but it could also be incorporate in cladding on the walls for texture and warmth.


A truly Scandinavian room has to be functional, so cut back on the accessories and look for multi functional peaces that not only look great but also could store items out of sight.

So now we know the basics, lets have a look at some Scandinavian kids bedroom ideas.

Scandinavian nursery complete with a very soft rug. As you can see it’s a very calm room with a little color incorporated. And of course it wouldn’t be hard to turn this into a toddler or tween room down the track with only a few alterations. We love this girls bedroom in typical Scandinavian style with wooden floors and white walls. As you can see here, it is easy to get some color into the room and still keep the room neutral and calm. This wooden desk looks great against the white wall and floorboards. You could easily make a desk like this yourself or hang up wooden shelving to store decorations, artwork or a light.

This boy’s room is very pure but still has a very masculine feel to it with the dark wooden bed, an old vegetable crate as bedside table and some very fun decorations on the wall. A teenage retreat that not only looks timeless but also is very practical. This is a very smart and modern Scandinavian teen bedroom with a fun green chair and black and white photo’s and sayings framed on the walls.

As we have shown you with these Scandinavian kids bedroom ideas, it is a timeless design that will suit a child of any age. If you look for a calm but still warm and functional bedroom for your son or daughter, with this Scandinavian style you can have all this and more.

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