Teen Bedroom Furniture Essentials


Teen Bedroom Furniture – I’m looking to outfit my son’s room with some new teen bedroom furniture and in particular a new teen bed. Do you have any recommendations as to what type of bedroom furniture is most appropriate for a teen room?. When it comes to teen bedroom furniture it’s important you do your homework before making a large purchase. Selecting just the right bedroom furniture is relatively easy once you know what to look for. Let’s start with finishes. Aside from looking for quality pieces that will stand the test of time you’ll want to consider the different types of finishes and construction available.

Teen bedroom furniture is available in just about any finish imaginable. For teen rooms in particular, certain finishes are better than others. First off there’s clear finishes that accent the natural wood grain and wood stains and paint which change the color. Additionally, finishes can give a chest of drawers or a bed either a smooth or distressed look. Distressed furniture makes ideal bedroom furniture for teen rooms as it hides scratches or fingerprints and can usually withstand what even the most active of teens can dish out. Painted finishes are also popular. Sometimes though you’ll find that any flaws in the wood are highlighted rather than disguised as is the case with distressed finishes.

This is where price and quality comes into play. A quality piece of painted bedroom furniture will be much more expensive than its cheaper counterparts since extra care has been taken to remove any imperfections from the wood prior to painting. Of course, you can also paint an unfinished dresser, desk or bed yourself or refinish older pieces to save money. When it comes to restoring antiques and refinishing secondhand furniture it does take considerable effort and skill. You may get lucky and only have to re-glue some loose joints and fill in a few nicks with wood filler. Top that off with a little light sanding and a nice new stain and your teen bedroom furniture has a new lease on life. What appeals to one person in the way of a finish does not necessarily appeal to another. That said it’s important any finishes you select for teen rooms is durable enough to resist moisture. Quality bedroom furniture will have undergone the processes of sanding, glazing, waxing and buffing to bring the finish up to high standard whereas cheaper lines of teen bedroom furniture may only have a then layer of polyurethane. One of the best ways to tell the difference between quality and not so quality teen bedroom furniture is to do a comparison between both the look and feel of a high end and a low end piece of bedroom furniture such as a teen bed.

Whatever teen bedroom furniture you’re considering it’s important to make sure the surface is hard and smooth. Uneven coloration, bubbles or cracks in the surface are an indication of a lower quality piece. When selecting a bed or other bedroom furniture for a teen room it’s also important to look at frame and construction. Most teen bedroom furniture will come with a safety label. However, the best way to determine the overall safety of any bedroom furniture you’re considering for a teen room is to run your hand over the frame and in the case of a bed over the headboard as well.

If you feel any sharp edges or nicks in the finish then you may want to think twice about purchasing that particular piece of bedroom furniture. To test for sturdiness, you may also wish to give the bed frame a shake. Examine all bolts and screws to make sure they’re secure. A well-constructed bed is made of either a sturdy metal or wood frame. A teen bed made of particleboard on the other hand is less expensive but may not withstand the test of time. Whether you spend big bucks for your teen’s bedroom furniture all depends on if you’re plan on having your teen take his bedroom furniture with him when he moves out on his own.

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