Terrace Wooden Flooring for Exotic Cabin Style with Gothic Impression


Terrace Wooden Flooring – Design of building that had been made in a gothic impression actually will look more exotic and artistic in its appearance by applying cabin stylewith terrace wooden flooring that has exotic feature such that had been applied perfectly in a project of gothic building of Pangal Cabin by EMa Arquitectos. This house building concept is created successfully by Home DSGN to create a special impression of small building that has exotic cabin design and exotic building impression.

Redwood material construction had been applied perfectly in this project which exotic and natural color feature created from the redwood material will create a special impression of house living that has an exotic theme.

Redwood material that is used to design terrace wooden flooring actually will look so beautiful and artistic in its appearance. This design will be more perfect to be combined with design of exterior furniture that is also designed by using redwood material to create exotic concept of cabin style homeIn addition, design of wall that had been modified by using elegant glass material that is made in a large style actually will look so beautiful to be applied in this project. Design of large glass wall will look so exotic to be combined with wooden construction that is also made by using redwood material style.

Simple interior arrangement in this project will look so beautiful to be enjoyed from outside by applying proper glass wall design. Ceiling air circulation system in this house is also made in a simple style. Simple style of air circulation placed on the ceiling actually will create a comfortable and fresh condition of house interior decorated perfectly by using wooden and glass material.

It is applied perfectly above interior stair so it will create a bright impression of house interior naturally. It can also be categorized into a part of cabin style home planswith the terrace wooden flooringthat can be applied well.

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