The Kitchen Table The New Center of the Your World

The Kitchen Table – The living room, in spite of its name, is no longer the most lived-in room in most homes. The kitchen has since taken over this honor. It has become the heart of the home, reserving the living room for salesmen and other not-so-welcome guests.

Arguably, this trend began when mom started helping dad with the family income. When she comes home, she goes to the kitchen to prepare dinner. When dad arrives, he too goes there to talk to her about their respective days, and the kids follow with their homework asking for help.

The Kitchen Table

Friends also now find it more comfortable to chat in the kitchen where the coffeemaker or tea pot is just on hand making it easy to get a refill without getting up from their seats, or at least with just a few steps.

These raise the need for a kitchen table, where the kids could work out their science and math problems, where mom can swap recipes and stories with her friends, and where dad can have a few beers with his buddies.

With all the designs of kitchen tables available in the market today, it can sometimes be difficult to select one that suits you and your kitchen. It has to be decorative yet functional, the former gaining importance with the coming of open kitchens that are visible from the living room. Tables made purely of wood are still a top choice but there are other options as well. Glass tops with wood frame and legs are also a popular choice. The glass need not be clear. There are actually a plenty of tints to choose from. Others are made of glass top, again of various tints, without any frames resting on wood, chrome, aluminum, or copper legs. Marble as well as granite tops, whether framed or not, are also becoming more common.

There are four basic designs for a kitchen table –square, rectangle, round, and elliptical. A popular variation of these designs is the use of leaves which serve as table expanders. There are two ways to do this. The leaf is either folded beneath the table with the use of hinges, or the table is cut in the center allowing both ends to be pulled apart from each other revealing a leaf concealed underneath.

When buying a kitchen table, be sure it complements your kitchen’s decor, and that it is neither to big nor too small for it.

The Kitchen Table

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