Tips For A Perfect Victorian Style Bathroom

Tips For  Style Bathroom – Picking your accessories, colors and furniture carefully are an integral aspect of home decorating if you want to pull off the fancy and ornate look of the Victorian decorating style in your bathroom.  Here are some design ideas on how you can have the look and feel of the olden days in your bathroom.

Use bright reds or pastels colors for the tones in your Victorian home decorating bathroom.  Get paint cards which match your color scheme.  Then you can bring the paint cards with you when purchasing decorative pieces and always have a perfect match.

Tips For  Style Bathroom

In the bathroom, you want to add artwork and toiletry holders as well as hamper, towel racks and accents.  Stick to a frilly and ornate style with mahogony or wrought iron furniture.  Taking the time to acquire the proper furniture and accessories will add to your Victorian home decorating look.

Your design theme project can consider mahogany and marble furniture, and fancy metal accessories to add appeal, but you also need to consider the window treatments as well as the walls color and flooring.  Window treatments for the Victorian decorating style should be ornate and rich.  You could think about adding to your windows with velvet drapes or, for a lighter look ruffled sheers.  Once you have the design you want on your windows, you might notice your walls are boring in contrast.  To decorate the walls to add appeal to your room design, try adding master paintings in gold gilt frames in groups.

The right lighting can also help to improve your room design.  bathrooms usually look best with recessed lighting for lighting.  Decorate with lighitng that is fringed or has crystals or crystal with prisms to add appeal to the Victorian decorating style interior decorating theme.

Your floors are an integral part of you room so it is critical that you have flooring to coordinate with your interior decorating scheme.  Adding bath mats to your
Victorian decorating style bathroom can make the room look fantastic.  What you should keep in mind for the fancy and ornate style is oriental rugs in vibrant colors.

To finish off your Victorian home decorating try Hand painted china in a curio cabinet or porcelain figurines on display shelves plus crystal and sterling silver, roses in vases, and candelabras dripping with prisms to accent your decorating approach.  If you want a wonderful soft “lived in” style buy pillows that have fringe and buttons and don’t forget some plants.

Redecorating your room into a Victorian decorating style bathroom can be a snap if you spend some time planning out what you want in the room and where to put it.  Simply buy the pieces on your plan and put them in place – your room with have the feeling of the olden days before you know it!

Tips For  Style Bathroom

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