How to Choose the Best Toilet for Your Bathroom


Toilet for Your Bathroom – Times have changed dramatically when it comes to the toilets that you are allowed to purchase for your home. If you live in an older home and haven’t replaced your toilets in a few years, then you probably have the old fashioned 5 gal toilets that will flush just about anything.

If your home isn’t new, but it isn’t quite old either, you probably have the less effective 3.5 gal toilets in your home. However, if you are buying new, or you have to replace the toilet then your only option will be the 1.6 gal toilet, which is the maximum gallons allowed by law for new toilets. This brings up the question of how to find the best toilets if the only options are the 1.6 gallon.

Toilet for Your Bathroom

The truth is, there is no easy way to answer this question. That is because if you visit five different plumbers and ask each of them what are the best toilets to purchase for the home, in all likelihood you will get five different answers. However American Standard Toilets and Kohler Toilets always seem to be near the top of the list. Some more practical plumbers might tell you that it doesn’t matter what toilet you get because they all flush the same… but do they really?

Again, that is a tough question to answer because in all likelihood you will not be able to test a multitude of toilets to determine which one is the best. However, you will be able to choose from a variety of designs and colors and there are some opinions on which of the designs offer the best flushing for your toilet. For example, some plumbers believe that the low back toilets are not the best toilets when it comes to flushing. Since toilets flush on the gravity principle, the lower wider designs actually offer less pressure making it harder for the water to flush waste.

Other things to keep in mind is the toilet seat. Common ones include Bemis toilet seats with padded or even square seats. A good strong toilet seat hinge is also a factor in toilet selection.

No matter what your need is for a toilet, you will find that even though you can only purchase the 1.6 gallon options, there are still a wide variety of looks and colors that you can choose from. While which are the best toilets may not be blatantly obvious, you should simply go for the design that you like best and see how it works for you. If you like the low sleek designs, then find someone who has this style of toilet and try it out before you buy it just to make sure that it offers what you need from a toilet.

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