Tween Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Girls


Tween bedroom Ideas – Soooo past the kids bedroom but they aren’t a teenager yet. This is the perfect time in to give your son or daughter’s bedroom a make-over and transform the old kids bedroom into a tween room and a place they can call their own. Tween bedroom Ideas are all about personality, colors, graphics and plenty of seating for friends.


Make a statement by painting bull’s-eyes on the wall. Not only can you choose colors to match the decor in the room, it will brighten up the wall without looking childish. Another great paint idea for tween bedroom is to paint stripes on the wall in funky colors, choose one wall and make this the focal point of the room.

You could easily decorate the room with a couple of throw pillows or bed set in the same color scheme to make it come together.

Vintage is back

Vintage is a great idea for a tween room, you could pick up some unique furniture or decorative items at garage sales and flea markets. Not only will this save you money, it will make the room unique and your tween can add their own style to it.


Rather then get mass produced posters or pictures, try to find artwork that is unique. Old postcards could make a very nice display in a frame, or blow up a favorite photo and get it printed on a canvas in black and white.

You could even use some of your child’s sporting or hobby materials as artwork, for example a surfboard or guitar on the wall will look pretty cool.


Furniture with storage is great to keep the room from looking cluttered. You could give old furniture a new breath of life with some paint or if they are still in good condition you could just change the handles to give them a new look.

Tweens love having friends over, so look for some funky chairs, or if you don’t have enough room in the bedroom, invest in some large pillows or bean bags for you child and his or her friends to hang out.

Tips to create a perfect tween room

  • Don’t use themes, these are often associated with nurseries or children’s rooms.
  • Gender neutral colors work well in tween rooms.
  • Make a tween room unique by incorporating some handed down pieces from family members.
  • Antique stores and flea markets are a great source of finding unique items for a tween room.

There are lots of tween bedroom decorating ideas to give your tween the perfect room with their own unique style and hang out spot.

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