U-Shaped Kitchen Layout with Island for Small House


Decided to renovate the full kitchen layout or the new construction is a big decision. There are some basic kitchen layout has proven effective to manage and traffic. They make the layout of the kitchen with the kitchen triangle principle. This means that a triangle drawn uniformly between the sink, refrigerator and stove. It really needs to pay attention to your kitchen space. There are a few things you need to consider especially if you want an island in your kitchen. If you make a mistake then it will disrupt traffic in your kitchen. This will make you less comfortable cooking activity and make your kitchen space. If you want the kitchen layout is practical and facilitate your activities then U-Shaped kitchen layout with island may be your answer.

Kitchen layout with U-Shape very valuable to a small kitchen. A principle when you set the layout for a small kitchen is that you have to create your space completely. Sink, stove, and refrigerator will sit on one foot with Island. Sometimes u shape counter top will sit along one wall with an island for extra preparation. U shape makes use of three sides and has more advantages than the triangular cooperation. Small kitchen may need to have a strategic layout and everything if you are not intending with L-Shape. Islands, large appliances and furniture used to help drive traffic and create efficient work triangle.

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When you have a small kitchen and choose the U-Shaped kitchen design with island you will have some advantage because they allow you to make a triangular working as all the equipment like your stove, sink and refrigerator are located close to each other. This design depends on your preference, you can create diy layout. However, there is one weakness of the design angle. However, you can create a corner of your kitchen with kitchen corner cabinet, corner sink, etc. When you have corner cabinets, then you have to have the door open and make sure they are attached correctly so make sure you can fully enter into the cabinet.

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U-Shaped Kitchen Layout with Island for Small House