Use Wall Stencils to add Color to a Room


Wall Stencils Color – There are many ways you could add color to a room, you could use wallpaper or paint the walls, but if you would like to add color and a new theme or feel to your kids bedroom, then wall stencils are a great way to add a personal touch. Wall stencils come in different patterns and characters and can suit any kids bedroom, from baby to teenage bedroom.

Wall stencils are an easy and cost effective way to decorate the wall in your kids bedroom, use wall stencils to add color to a room and create your own style and color combination. We will show you some great examples of wall stencils for all age groups.

There are plenty of wall stencils available especially for baby rooms, if you already have a theme for your baby room in mind then look for a wall stencil that will suit that theme or paint the wall stencil in the colors of your chosen theme to make the whole room blend in together. Popular colors for baby rooms are light and calm colors, but these days hot pink and apple green are the trend. We love this wall stencil for a nursery and this could look just as great in different or lighter colors. There are so many kids bedroom themes to choose from for toddlers, from underwater, farm, fairies or jungle, you are sure to find a suiting wall stencil for your toddler.

Toddlers love bright colors and with any of the themed wall stencils you will be able to choose your own colors and create a story on the wall for your child to admire and explore. Many wall stencils like this safari themed wall stencil can suit a boy or a girl with just a few color adjustments. As kids get older so will change their interest, and this is often a time kids will come up with their own color and theme ideas for their bedroom. Like most wall stencils, you could adjust the colors to your choice and create a great underwater theme for a boy or a girl, you could even choose to paint more mermaids in a girls room, or more submarines in a boys room as you can use the stencil over and over again.

There are many grown up wall stencils that will suit a teenage bedroom, especially bold patterns and shapes are popular to give the bedroom a modern twist. Use bold wall stencils like this one on a feature wall in the room to make the color stand out and make it the focus point in the room. Various colors will make these wall stencils look very different and suit a modern teenage bedroom but would also be great in a vintage bedroom or color themed bedroom.

As you can see using wall stencils to add color to a room is not only a creative alternative to wall stickers or wall paper, you will be able to choose your own color combinations and use these wall stencils time and time again to create a colorful bedroom for you kids, no matter what age they are.

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