Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas, Funky Design and Decorating Room


Vintage Kids Bedroom – Vintage is definitely back, and lately we’ve seen the vintage style come through our kids bedrooms as well, from baby to teen. Vintage is a great way to decorate a kids bedroom, not only is it back in style, it is also a very cost effective way to give your kids bedroom a new look, as many items can be picked up in second hand stores or can be made yourself or purchased cheaply. We will give you some vintage kids bedroom ideas to get you started.

Remember to create a vintage look kids will love it’s important to get the balance between old and new in a room right. Vintage furniture could be combined with a modern theme in baby and toddler bedrooms. Teenage kids might carry the vintage look through the whole bedroom or choose a certain color to combine with the vintage look.

Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas; Combine old with new

Second hand shops or sell & swap websites are great to find old pieces of furniture that can easily be turned into great pieces for a kids bedroom providing they are safe and sturdy to suit your child. An old dressers or bed could be sanded down and with some new paint make a wonderful centrepiece in a room.

 Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas : Color

Vintage could be combined with any color, it doens’t necessarily have to be a calm or light color, many pieces can be combined with any color of your choice. Choose a main color for the room followed by an secondary and a accent color to keep the room coordinated.

Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas : Decorate the walls

Be creative and decorate the walls with a vintage look, you will find many vintage patterns in wall paper, wall stencils or wall stickers to add to a wall.

Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas : Bed linen and cushions in a vintage look

Try to find bed linen that suit your color scheme and with the vintage look you want to go for. Trow cushions will suit any vintage look and you could shop around or make some yourself with your chosen fabric. Bed spreads are another great way to add a vintage look to a room, especially ones with colorful patterns.

Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas : Give old items a new life

There are lots of old items you could pick up for next to nothing from second hand stores or sell & swap website that could be turned into storage for your kids bedroom. Think about old baskets or suitcases, they are great to store toys and stuffed animals. And even items you might not think of as storage space could come in handy while giving the room a real vintage look.

Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas : Make it yourself

There are some items you will be able to make yourself besides painting old furniture and sowing. These paper chandeliers look great and will definitely be an eye catcher in a vintage kids bedroom. You can purchase these through LOT 26 Studio in different colors and styles and put them together yourself. You could create your own wall art by framing pieces of fabric or old personal black and white photo’s.

Vintage Kids Bedroom Ideas : Accent items

Purchase accent items that are similar in color or in the same color theme of the room. Accent items could be lamps or or other objects that will be central in the room. We also love accent lighting, like this flower light string to add to a room and a romantic vintage feel.

Pick funky items to use as accent items that will suit the color of the room, don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the right balance and you could incorporate your own style into any kids bedroom with these vintage kids bedroom ideas.

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