Wooden Floors Tiles for Wonderful Residential Complex

Wooden Floors Tiles – There are a lot of residential complex that using the same design for all houses in the complex such as the wooden floors tiles. From the exterior design until the interior design are using the same design. The Santa Caterina Residential Complex in Verona, Veneto, northern Italy also using the same concept with other complexes. Usually, the houses in the complex are using natural color such as white or grey colors.

But, the designers from Alberto Apostoli are using more colors in this complex. Look at the picture! Those are houses from the Santa Caterina complex. Each house has same building design, same garden, and same furniture.

From the outside, we can see the exterior wall design is using light brown, white, and light green colors. Each house has a small grass garden and no gates. This is the residential complex with colorful design and wooden floors tiles.  There are white stones paths that connecting a house with other houses and other place in this complex such as the main garden and the complex gates. The houses are two level houses. The first level is the main living area and the second level is the private area. The first level is contains living room, kitchen, and dining room. In this level, they are using wooden floors tiles, grey poles, and white ceilings and walls.

The living room has white sofas and white table. The walls in this room are bold red color. The dining room nd the kitchen are in the same area. The dining room has unique long chairs and glass dining table. The walls in here are in grey color. The second floor is contains bedrooms and bathrooms. The main bedroom is using many colors such as light yellow, dark green, white, and wooden colors. All of those colors are classic colors.

There is interesting lightning system in the bedroom so the lights could appear from all holes in this room. Living in residential complex which applies the wooden floors tileswill gives new color in your life.

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