Your Dream Teen Bedroom Design In 12 Simple Steps


Teen Bedroom Design –  I’m dying to makeover my teen room but don’t have any idea how to get started. Do you have any teen bedroom design ideas and budget tips that would help me?. A Making over a teen room is very exciting.

The decorating market offers a full range of products targeted at teens however the key to coming up with the right teen bedroom design for you is to do some groundwork to make sure you can pull your dream teen bedroom together within budget.

The following steps will help you create the teen bedroom of your dreams while at the same time allow you to work within a budget.

Step 1

Talk to your parents and establish a budget.

Step 2

Figure out exactly which pieces of furniture you want to keep and which pieces you no longer want in your teen bedroom. Remember your furniture can always be painted, remodelled or restored to achieve the look you desire.

Step 3

Measure the width, height, and length of your teen bedroom.

Step 4

Make a floor plan on a piece of paper. For details on how to make a floor plan visit Teen Bedroom Design.

Step 5

Clear out your entire room except for the furniture you want in your new teen bedroom.

Step 6

If you’ll be incorporating new (or new to you) furniture into your teen bedroom design determine what your particular needs are. For instance, do you want a king, queen, double, or single bed? Or what about a canopy, box, day bed, trundle, bunk, or loft bed? If you frequently have guests over you may want to also consider a pull out couch or a futon.

Step 7

Think about how your teen bedroom will be used. For instance, if you spend a lot of time reading then you may want a wall-to-wall bookcase and a comfy oversized chair in a corner to curl up and read in.

Step 8

Determine your storage needs. Be realistic about organizing units and storage containers. Give some thought to future teen bedroom design requirements but don’t overdue it with more storage space than you realistically need e.g. if you only have a dozen or so books there is no need for an entire bookcase when one or two shelves will suffice.

Step 9

Decide on a room color or colors. While this can be a daunting task it doesn’t have to be. Think of your favorite colors and the ones you wear the most. Be careful no to select a color that you may easily tire of. Where possible select a classic shade that will stand the test of time not a trendy color that will be outdated in a year or two. And aim for three colors or less. Any more than three colors in your teen bedroom are too much and will result in a busy and unsettling environment.

Step 10

Give some thought to any patterns you want to incorporate into your teen bedroom e.g. stripes, checks, patchwork etc.

Step 11

Browse online. Don’t let the prices scare you. At this point, you’re just looking for ideas. Find what you like and then do some comparison shopping. You may want to make a dream teen bedroom design collage using Microsoft Word (simply cut and paste your desired images). One word of caution though make sure what you select works within the measurements of your teen bedroom.

Step 12

Show your parent’s your collage and discuss with them any additional teen bedroom design and decorating ideas you have. I’m sure they’ll been impressed by all the groundwork you did.

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